Celtic Bulldogs

09/19/2012 12:27



Historical Bulldog information tells of British tribes people, including the Celts, breeding the dog for their own purposes. The Celtic tribes bred the dog so that it could accompany them on their wild boar and wild cattle hunts. The Celtic and British tribes trained the dog to participate in war and the dogs had skill at bringing a horseman down.

The type of large prey that the Celtics hunted, with the enormous dogs, were boars and wild cattle.

Eventually, by the time of the Romans, the dogs were used as war dogs by the Celtic tribes and the Romans called these dogs, the Pugnace Britannicii or war dog of Briton. Another name for these early dogs is the Broad Mouthed Dogs of Briton. The Romans were surprised at the skills these brown and brindle Celtic war dogs had during war action including the ability to jump and bite a horse on the nose. To loosen the dog’s grip, the horse would end up throwing its rider off